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Video and pdf tutorials for the On3 CMS platform

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General Guidelines

The most important team site metric at this stage is subscription signups. How do you drive more subscription signups?

  • Plus Content is the key to driving new subscriptions. Always think about ways to make free content plus content. For example: instead of posting quotes from a press conference and making it free, post the quotes with some analysis. If there is breaking news that is free, follow it up with a plus article with your analysis. The only team site posts that should be free is breaking news. Everything else should be “plus”. Don’t over think it. (excluding KSR)
  • If you post a breaking news article that is free it must have 450 words within an hour of posting. It’s ok to immediately post with less than 450 words, however, you must update within one hour of posting. Free articles that have less than 450 words have zero value because Google won’t pick it up and it won’t do well on Facebook. It’s worth zero.
  • Free (breaking news) articles must have a green Yoast SEO light within one hour of posting. We have been lenient on this as everyone has been getting up to speed. We will be looking at this much more closely and will be required moving forward.
  • Featured photos must be 1200×630
  • Headlines should include full names “Jim Harbaugh” not “Harbaugh”… Use the team name whenever possible “Ohio State” “Auburn” “Clemson”, etc..
  • All photos must have attribution.
  • Always select the most specific primary category

Frequently Asked Questions


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On3 uses Slack to share resources and communicate important company-wide messages. It is mandatory for all full-time fan site employees to be accessible on Slack. Additionally, everyone must join the channel #team-site-announcements. If you miss something that is communicated there, it will not be a valid excuse that you didn’t see it or know about it. If you are not already on Slack, CLICK HERE to join.

Creating Your Author Profile

Uploading your photo, adding a bio and inserting your twitter handle.


Creating A Post

Titles/headlines, adding text, style, structure and best practices


IMPORTANT - do links this way!

The procedure for adding internal and external links.


Adding Images

Best size, featured images, captions and resources


Adding Additional Elements

It’s simple to insert gifs, twitter cards, quotes google sheets and more.


Categories and Tags

How to assign the base and primary categories so that your article is categorized correctly


Premium Posts

What is premium content? How to you enable the paywall?


Managing The Carousel

Instructions on how to program the carousel on the front page


SEO Training

CLICK HERE to learn best practices for SEO settings and Yoast.

Adding Profiles To The Database

CLICK HERE to download instructions.

Enter an RPM

CLICK HERE to learn how to add your prediction to a player profile.

Linking And Tagging Player Profiles

CLICK HERE for a short video on the best way to link a current player to their profile page

Adding Charts
If you need something more than the table feature in WordPress, this tutorial explains how to embed a spreadsheet from Google Sheets.


Embedding Hudl Video

Want to embed a video embed in a post or profile? There is a trick to getting the right code.


After Your Post - What To Do Next

Requesting graphics, social media strategy, and board posting.


Podcast Info

Uploading files to Megaphone and working with ad placements.