Working With Photos

Featured images, sizes and captions, policy and resources.

Adding A Featured Image

All featured images MUST be 1200×630

  • Resize and crop your photo first. You can use photoshop or a resource such as Canva or

  • Once you have your photo cropped and saved on your computer, click “Set Featured Image: as shown on the example here:


Photo attributes

  • Upload photo
  • Alt Text: copy and paste your URL slug
  • Title: copy and paste your URL slug
A reminder on our photo policy: Photos that appear on our site must be from one of these sources:
  1. Shot by someone who works for On3
  2. Getty Images
Under some circumstances it’s ok to use images that players post to social media, but you must be certain that the player owns the photo (ie. he took it himself). If a player takes a photo from another outlet to post on their social media then we use it, we are liable. Under no circumstance use a photo from another media outlet unless it’s been approved in writing by On3 management and the original license holder.

Adding A Caption

This is where you write the photo caption and include the photo credit.

All photos must have a photo credit. It might be Getty Images photographer, your own name, or show you have permission from player.

IMPORTANT: The caption is attached to the image file. If you reuse a photo from the media library, the original caption will come in with it. If you change the caption, it will also be changed on the original article that imported the photo. Best practice if you wish to have a different caption:  Save the image file to your computer and upload it as though is is a new image. Add your caption and be sure to assign the photo credit again.

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