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Adding links in articles

Very Important: Please watch this short video about linking in articles. Following these linking guidelines is one of Shannon’s top priorities. 

Adding links to a post

(transcript from video above)

TRANSCRIPT:  correct linking within articles is critical for SEO and it’s going to be a point of emphasis for us moving forward.

This article does a very nice job of linking for SEO purposes, a couple of things I want to point out here.

Number one, if a school is mentioned, we want to link to the fan site homepage. If we don’t have a fan site for that school linked to the team feed for that school.

So in this example, Peter does a nice job. Georgia links to DogsHQ.  Texas links to Inside texas. Alabama links to Bama Coming Soon, BCS Alabama.

The next thing we want to focus on is linking to our products within the database. So Peter does a nice job.

“Five-star Plus” links to Five Star Plus On3. “Recruiting Prediction Machine (RPM)” links to the correct page, RPM. “On3 2023 rankings” links to the correct page.  “On3 valuation” links to the On3 NIL page for Arch Manning.

The next thing I want to point out is linking to the correct profile page.

If you click on “Arch Manning”, it takes you to the player tab of his database profile. This is the default we always want to link to this tab. We don’t want to link to recruiting. We don’t want to link to scouting.

The only exception to this rule is if we are specifically talking about his NIL valuation, then it is okay to link to that page. That’s what Peter did here: On3 NIL valuation of 1.6 million links here. That’s the only exception to link to anything on the player profile except for player. This is the default; this is what we want to link to all the time.

The next thing is what they call anchor text. Anchor text is the text that has the hyperlink. It’s very important that when you’re linking the text that you’re linking describe what your link describes what you’re linking to.

So I look at this “firm grasp on the number one spot in the country which has held since on three started ranking 2023 recruits.”

If I click this, it’s gonna go to an article that describes exactly this and it does. What we don’t want to do is link text that provides no context about what the link is about.

So for example, if we linked “Manning has one of the quicker releases we’ve seen from a high school quarterback.” Let’s pretend that someone wrote an article in our network about Arch Manning’s quick release.

We would want to link this entire text here: “Manning is one of the quicker releases we’ve seen from a high school quarterback.”  It tells you exactly if you click that link, what it’s going to take you to google, understand google reads this anchor text to help it understand what the link is about.

What we would not want to do is say Manning is one of the quicker releases we’ve seen from the high school quarterback. If we were just to hyperlink “quicker”. that tells us nothing about what we’re trying to link to or what the context is. Quicker means nothing. There’s no context,

So when you’re linking, provide context in what you’re linking.

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