How to send subscriber emails

Daily Headlines and Breaking News Alerts

Register an account

To be added as a user for your team fansite, click here to send your on3 email address to Jeanette Blankenship at on3.

Once you receive the email invitation, follow the steps to establish a password, agree to the anti-spam terms, and choose your UX style.

Create a campaign

Starting with a template, you will create a campaign to build your library.

You will enter some settings on your first campaign to use for future emails. The emails that you create will be visible only to you and the admin staff.

Breaking News Emails

This begins with a similar process but has some slight changes.

Breaking News emails will handle the RSS choices in a different way. You will start with a different template (titled as Breaking News) for your first campaign… this has not been updated in the video or documentation yet.

Using prior campaigns

After you create one daily email and one breaking news alert you will use those to create future emails.

NOTE: your library of sent campaigns will only show the messages that you have sent. Your other staff members and publishers will see a different list!


When creating a regular campaign, you mention in the video that you used a free article as the top headline. Is it a priority to use a free headline or the top headline?
No, the article can be free or premium but our mailing list does include non-subscribers that we are hoping to convert to paid so if a free item is available, it’s going to be more popular (and less likely for someone to opt out of emails)

When sending out breaking news, can you simply send out 1 article? For that template, you max it at 3… do both of the others need to be pertaining to the same material or not?
Yes, breaking news can be just one item. Any other additions should be related to the lead story, so do not add more if one article is sufficient.

For using prior campaigns, what’s the purpose of using copy instead of just clicking “create campaign” and going through and selecting the same template?
There are two reasons…
your prior campaign will retain some of the settings that you create the first time such as Sender, Recipients and the Breaking News header.
Second, the template placeholder is going to be harder to update as your RSS list grows each day. It will save you time to scroll from the most recent article list instead of something that was created weeks/months prior.

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